About Us

To plant a garden
is to believe in  
– Audrey Hepburn

Welcome to Indigo Rain Flower Farm. I’m Marni Martin-McTavish and along with my husband, Ian, and our children, Liam and Avalon, we grow our flowers on land that we share a deep connection to and fortunately for us my parents, Murray and Linda Martin, live across the field and are a vital part of the flower farm. A farm is a family putting down roots in the earth…literally!

Over the past two decades I have been weaving tapestries directly inspired by the land I call home but have been longing to spend more days outside and working in my gardens. If you are familiar with my artwork, you’ll know that colour and texture are signatures of my fibre work and I’ll carry that into my floral work as well. Life is a journey, and this is the next adventure. I’ll weave when winter comes and let the seasons be my guide.

Ian and Marni
Liam and Avalon
Linda and Murray